CooNaTea mountain tea from Alishan tea.

  1. Alishan tea production is very limited, accounting for eight percent of the total output of tea.
  2. CooNaTea specializing in the production of Alishan tea can only give you 8% 0.0008% of the original piece tea.
  3. CooNaTea let you understand the taste and mark are Hong Kong Alishan tea.
  4. CooNaTea provide a full range of origin Alishan high mountain beauty tea, oolong tea, Jin Xuan Tea, old tea, health tea.
  5. The full range

  6. CooNaTea Alishan tea are suitable for tea tea (hot), kung fu tea (hot), the office tea (temperature), cold tea (cold).
  7. Wang Zhongping concerned about your health and look forward to your stay away from the the plasticizer storm and E. coli threat.
  8. multiple assurance: tea series, CooNaTea Alishan cold source in addition to the certificate of origin and traceability of the Alishan tea-growing areas, and on August 31, 2011 reinspection by the inspection of pesticide residues (the name of Farmers' Association for the word 1000004548-4550 number), February 16, 2012 (Farmers' Association for the word. 1010000804-807 number), on a quarterly basis all through national standards CNS 13570-2 food pesticide residues test , so that safe drinking extra protection.
  9. 20,110,906 the Xiamen Dadeng town of strong> city of goods duty-free market CooNaTea Alishan tea show, welcomed the visit. More
  10. Zhuosheng Li officially comeback film (TTV file Grange hero broadcast on September 21) and the person drinking three months (June-August), Alishan beauty tea after the officially recommended you drink CooNaTea Alishan Beauty Tea.
  11. CooNaTea intentions of R & D process on mild gastrointestinal while retaining the Alishan mountain top flavor characteristics of tea (non-competition tea is practical plus consumption of tea). More
  12. CooNaTea Alishan tea won the Meishan Township, Chiayi County 100 dew of the high elevation fine tea competition Oolong group Second prize and third prize More
  13. CooNaTea Alishan cold tea to participate in OTOP shine international local characteristics Carnival sale will be exhibited products.
  14. CooNaTea 2012 green natural cultivation Green, Grow, Natural fresh listing of the the Alishan winter piece tea. More
  15. CooNaTea gradually developed various types of organic tea tea bags, 100% Ali tea in 2012 ignited by CooNaTea Dream Rose tea in the first flower a trial starting on March 16.
  16. CooNaTea Alishan natural ecological farming methods tea, one after another into the wild in the finishing of the environment, the park opened in the spring of 2012.
  17. reassuring pesticide test data in

  18. , black tea, honey, CooNaTea Alishan Alishan tea, full production of this batch of tea mother. More
  19. CooNaTea, the CooNaTea Rose Beauty Tea CooNaTea Black Forest Chen tea was April 16, 2012 the new packaging officially listed. More
  20. CooNaTea CooNaTea copyright was in May 2012 made trademark patent, CooNaTea commitment to domestic Chayou better Alishan tea.

CooNaTea Alishan tea, honey tea (tea saliva, young locust without wings, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, tea leafhopper coveted thirty feet of the tea) Oolong Beauty Tea Jin Xuan Beauty Tea modified version of the new listing please comments or suggestions about 88 flood, natural gave birth to Ali tea: Look at the the Alishan beauty tea

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